Feedback (Product Landing Page), please

I’d appreciate your feedbacks on myProduct Landing Page. Thanks

Hi @Jedidiah !

Congrats on finishing the product page!

Here are my thoughts

On smaller devices the image spills over into the features section.
Screen Shot 2021-04-24 at 7.56.04 AM

The text here is hard to read. I would look into a different font and maybe increasing the font size.

You might consider adding a smooth scroll to the page.
Your facebook icon is not loading at the bottom.

Hope that helps!

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Hey, It’s good. But usually landing pages are supposed to be short in terms of scrolling. If you can work on that in future, it would be nice.

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@jwilkins.oboe , thanks so much for taking time to evaluate my work. I believe I’ve fixed all the issues raised (kindly let me know if I’m wrong!)- except the smooth scroll which I’m struggling to find a container for. Must I create a special ‘container’ for my scroll items?
Here’s the link to the updated pen: Product Landing Page

@tourist , thanks for the insight. I’ll make sure it’s much shorter next time! Thought I should use this to learn more concepts. Thanks.

Done! Thanks for the link. Now I hope I can proceed to the next project.

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