Feedback -- Random Quote Machine

Hello all,

Here is my first front-end project done in React, The Random Quote Machine. The styling is not pretty but ill keep hacking away at it. The initial functionality took me about 10 mins to do. The skeleton about 15 mins and the styling 2 hours. I find CSS incredibly unintuitive. Are there any resources that are progressive in nature on CSS and web design in general?

Thanks in advance for you comments and suggestions.

Tweet doesn’t work for me? I mean, I can’t tweet the quote, pushing the button only results in another quote.

Why does it show [icon] on all the quotes?


Sorry for the technical glitches. I uploaded and older branch where the [icon] and tweet functions were not implemented properly. I also delete the post button because it was for facebook integration, but decided against it.
The link now has the right branch and works as it should.

I also dislike CSS and like it when I can just download a framework and run with it. In a recent video, I used the Material UI React components to style my Random Quote Machine. It’s still rather basic but, after implementing Material UI, you can iterate on it.