Feedback request for my Steve Jobs tribute page

Hi there!
I started FCC a week ago with little previous experience on HTML and CSS (mostly tutorials that did a poor job of making the learning experience something satisfying) and, taking as a difficulty that my native language isn’t English (and, although I can read and write fine, I can’t hear tutorials in this language), I decided to start here on FreeCodeCamp.
The experience was very satisfying and I hope to progress more with this course.

I wrote this tribute page to Steve Jobs as my first project here on FCC, and I wanted to request feedback to you, and see how I can improve my skills.
Any kind of feedback will be great, thanks.

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Hi @FreedomIII, good Jobs! (I hope you don’t mind my little pun.)

Your design is visually very appealing, I like it a lot. It reminds me of Wikipedia, a good design choice for a page that is informational in character.

A very, very little possible improvement: Maybe your <h4> elements stand out more if you make them bold. Speaking of headings, it makes more sense at least for human readers of your code if you stick with the traditional ordering of headings: Why does <h4> come immediately after <h1>? The traditional structure would be <h1> -> <h2> etc., in numerical order.

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