Feedback Request on First Project

Here’s my first project. I think it’s “completed” and I’m ready to move on to the next one, but before I move on the portfolio page I’d love some feedback!

Rather than create my own style, I did my best to ape the style of the example assignment. I wanted to practice solving the problem of making a page look exactly like that rather than solving a different problem of deciding how a page should look.

Thanks for feedback guys!

And I immediately see that the youtube link is not responsive. It looked fine on the main codepen site but running the pen here I see a problem. I’ll look into fixing that!
edit: That was an easy fix!

To be blunt… it’s a bit gray. I can’t really say that because mine is even more boring, but essentially: where is RossDLL on this page?

Maybe gray is your style, or maybe we’ll see more of your style when you make your Portfolio project…

That’s on purpose, for now. I wanted to make it look like the example. (

But I do see what you mean. I guess a better set of questions would be:

  1. Have I successfully copied the style of the example? and
  2. Does it appear well coded? (this is the more important one, of course).

@RossDLL You put everything in html, same as the example, so I guess it would be wrong if there was any styling.
And functionally there’s nothing wrong with it, so good job! Funny video as well. :smile:

Yeah, I’m intending to play a lot more with CSS in the portfolio page. Thanks!