Feedback Request - RBG Tribute Page


Just started here last week, and I think I can honestly say that I was not expecting to have this much fun. I just finished up my tribute page and was hoping to get some feedback/constructive criticism. It’s not the greatest thing on the internet, but, much like the first very ugly scarf I crocheted, I’m very proud of it. I think the code is a little sloppy. Probably could have utilized CSS more. Anyway, if you have a spare sec, please let me know what you think!

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It looks great. Design looks good.
But make proper alignment for text in Brief Bio part.

Nice work. However, it would be great to add some responsiveness to the layout. It will make your page easy to read on mobile without pinch-to-zoom. :wink:

Thanks for the feedback, y’all! I’m going to go work on fixing my alignment and responsiveness. Fingers crossed I can make this thing look less like a dumpster fire on mobile. :slight_smile:

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