Feedback Request - Survey Form CSS Grid

Hey fellow campers,

Any feedback on my second submitted project would be greatly appreciated (positive or negative).

Here’s the link the the Codepen (here).


Looks good, although you might need to work on some medias q’s for the mobile. I would also make the title a little bit bigger, and maybe change the font color to a dark grey rather than black. Labels on top of the fields is usually the norm, in case you wanna check our bootstrap forms.

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Effective grid use. I like it. I tend to go straight to the HTML. The page itself is pretty and all, but when you stick this in your portfolio, the people reviewing your work (if they know their stuff) will go to the code, and check for ugliness. Your work doesn’t have much ugly. Well done.

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i have some suggestions if you dont mind :slight_smile:

  1. Make a little bigger inputs fields.
  2. In “Employment Status:” put one more option(first option) value = “Select your Employment Status” or something like that.
  3. In “Select your options” you should put that in select tag, like “Employment Status:”
  4. Make a text area a little bigger.
  5. Feel free to play with css a little…Change colors, font, submit button, etc :slight_smile:

But its good!!! Keep it up man! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback, I incorporated them all except mq’s and labels on top of fields, which I’m thinking on doing when the screen gets smaller and making the fields fall under the labels. Whatsha think?

Thanks a lot! I value code cleanliness so I’m very happy to hear this.

Thanks for your directed feedback, I incorporated from #2 to 5! How big would you like to see the input fields? Stretch all the way 'til the end? It kinda looses the feeling of it being centered if I do that, unless I move everything a bit to the left. But you’re right, for long names or emails the user won’t be able to see the whole thing.

Thanks a lot :wink:

Just put some height on it, its small… Width is good, i don’t know who have email with 100+ characters, etc… :smiley: And center label with input :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks, that was spot on! Its definitely an improvement.

About the 100+ characters, yeah I was surprised to find out the max character limit for emails according to specifications is 254, check it out (here).

I’ve got those mq’s pending though :wink:

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