Feedback Request: Tribute Page Project


Here is my Tribute Page. I would appreciate if you could critique the code/design. Thanks.

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Hi @rcx

looks nice at first glance.

personally i not really like the breaks when you display a year-range.

Also this looks missplaced: 1861/2 —> better 1861/62 or full 1861/1862 or also a timerange 1861-1862.

Furthermore everything look like a bold font, but i can not find the css rule, but my browser says it’s bold.

A link to the code would be nice.

You include bootstrap and responsive works well. First i was a bit irritated about the solution with the html-table. But you wanna really display a table, so why not?

Overall: good work from my point of view.

Kind regards

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Thank you for your feedback @daveyx !

@daveyx Follow-up question: What would be a better choice to display this type of information instead of a table?

Hi @rcx,

i don’t say it is a bad choice to use html-table!!!

Other options:

Long time ago all html pages were build with html-tables and nowadays the layout should not be defined by html-table, as we have css now (yeah, i am a bit old already). html-tables should only be used in order to display a table (what you might wanna do?). i avoid html-tables in all of my projects, but it is completely up to you, as long it is fully responsive and working in all browsers :slight_smile: (have a view of your page here:

The rule is: use css for layout, use html-table if you wanna display a table (i.e. an excel representation)

Kind regards


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