Feedback request - Tribute Page to Elon Musk

Hey there everyone. Relatively new to coding and just completed my first project for FreeCodeCamp. I picked Elon Musk because he is someone I respect and admire for both the business and engineering aspect of him.

Here is the link to my codepen.

I went for a clean and simple modernized look that also displays how it is responsive with different widths/sized screens. I plan to add this to my portfolio of projects and applying for entry level jobs (on-campus for my school, so they accept students only) soon with said portfolio.

An area of concern I have with this page is the background color, green doesn’t seem to be very fitting but I am unsure as to what other color I could use or what else I could put in place of the background gradient that would fit. Thanks everyone!

All is good and responsive except it is very difficult to read the links’ text because the light green does not provide enough contrast to the white background.

Hey there, thank’s for checking out. And that was one thing I noticed as well but haven’t been able to come up with a solution to while still fitting the color palette. Do you think adding a text shadow would help or any color suggestions?
Or maybe you know of some code that I do not, I’m still new to this and am open for suggestions and (constructive) criticism.

Edit: I just changed the links to the normal ‘green’ color and added a text shadow so there is still some differentiation when hovering.