Feedback requested for Random Quote Machine

Hello all,

After some difficulties understanding some JavaScript concepts, I’ve made my way though to the Front End Development Projects.

I would like some feedback on my first project.

I attempted to make it using React but after finishing I noticed the example project used SASS. It seems like SASS would have been better to complete this project due to the simple nature of the page. I believe as I continue my journey I will understand when to use a certain framework.

Thank you,

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Hi @hobdiddy !

I think your page looks good.

For future projects, you should consider using an api for the data instead of hardcoding 700 lines of movies.

It will just save you time because the work of compiling that information will have already been done for you.

This is something to consider if you are building a project and using data that is pretty popular like movies or pop songs.

I hardcoded an array of quotes for my project but my array was very small. (15 quotes)

Hope that helps!

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Hi, your project responsiveness doesnt look very pleasing. The font size remains the same for any size, which makes it look extremely big on smaller screens. Same goes for the buttons, which look pretty small on my large screen.
I think by SASS you meant jquery. I recommend you utilize the SCSS preprocessor(which you can choose in the codepen CSS settings, first label), to practice the SASS syntax which is part of the front-end curricullum.
It is true, this is the best project to get familiar with jQuery before you dwell into React, just for the sake of understanding its concept and how it can be different from other frameworks. It is generally simpler to use and i enjoyed it and wanted to proceed with it for the next projects(as React can look very scary in the start), but as i got better grasp of React, i definitely enjoy it better.
And once you get your understanding of the general react you can look up react hooks, which is a more simplistic way of using react.

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Thank you for taking time to check it out. Luckily I was able to automate the hard coding of the array, so I didn’t type it all out myself. I intend to cite the source of the information and possibly put this array on Github. I believe I can test using an API fetch method once I have it on Github but I don’t have much experience yet.

Thank you for the feedback as always!

Thank you very much for your feedback. I was hoping to get feedback before I spend anymore time working on it because I felt like I wasn’t heading in the right direction.

I am going to rewrite this with the feedback you’ve provided! Much appreciated!

honestly, if i were you i wouldnt worry too much. Your code looks clean and it works fine. Sure if you want to rewrite it with different technologies to get familiar with them, why not, but you could just do that on your next project instead too

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