Feedback Requested: My ReactJS and Data Visualisation Projects

Hi Guys,

Completed my ReactJS and Data Visualisation Projects. You can check them out using the links below. Most are not mobile-friendly because of the nature of the application. My past projects can be found in my portfolio. I’ll add these new ones later today.


New Projects

  1. ReactJS - Markdown Previewer:

  2. ReactJS - Camper Leaderboard:

  3. ReactJS - Recipe Book:

  4. ReactJS - Game of Life:

  5. ReactJS - Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Game:

  6. D3 - Bar Graph:

  7. D3 - Scatterplot Graph:

  8. D3 - Heat Map:

  9. D3 - Force Directed Graph:

  10. D3 - Map Plot Graph:

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Desean,

Good job on finishing all the projects! I like the attention to detail on all your apps. I can’t comment on anything past the Recipe Box project as that’s where I’m at right now.

There are one or two (very minor) things that I noticed in your Recipe Box.

  1. It seems like the only way to view the recipe ingredients is to enter the editor, was this intentional.

  2. The logo in the header is a bit blurry, despite you used an SVG.

Also, I’m interested in your workflow. Do you do all your work locally as opposed to doing it in Codepen? If so, what are the benefits?

Hi binq2,

It was intentional to view the recipes in this manner, tbh it was the first idea that came to mind, the approached looked good to me. Do you have any recommendations on how else I can display it?

With regards to the logo that’s really weird, especially since I used the SVG, what browser are you using, looked good in Chrome for me.

I prefer to work locally because I use npm a lot and it’s just simpler for me as opposed to a pen.

Hi Desean,

Maybe just incorporating an accordion to the Recipe List component would work? The user clicks and a list of the ingredients expands downwards.

The blurriness might be because I’m on Mozilla.

On a side note, I like how clean and un’hacky’ your code is. What did you use to learn JS/React or did you have prior experience in web dev?

Hmmm the accordion idea sounds good. Might give it a try.
I didn’t have any React experience before these projects. I did a course in it on Udemy with Stephen Grinder, that helped me a lot.