Feedback requested on Drum Machine Project pls

Hey there fCC community, I just finished my fCC front-end libraries projects with all the user stories passing, and I would love to have your opinion on them!
I tried to really focus on the front-end libraries part, so there’s not a lot of CSS or HTML inside those projects. If there is any way they can be improved I’m open to suggestions.

Thank you very much for your time,
Have a nice day everyone

FYI, you might not get as much feedback as you want since you dumped all of these at once and so people aren’t going to have as much time to look at them all.

I took at look at the drum machine and it is pretty nice. Just a few suggestions, most very minor.

  • Anything that produces sound should have a volume control. It may not be a requirement to pass the FCC tests but it is annoying that it is not included.
  • All of the buttons have the same id (singlePad). This is actually invalid HTML. All ids must be unique. I’m not sure you are even making use of the id so if not then just get rid of it completely.
  • I don’t think the display should be an <h2> as it really isn’t acting as a heading. Just put it in a <p> or <div>.
  • Technically, you should wrap this in a <main> (except for the <footer>).

Overall, very nice.

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Thanks for your feedback, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to “dump” it all here, it’s just that I thought it’d be faster than posting 5 different requests ! but I’ll try that, thanks for the piece of advice.

I got rid of the “singlePad” id in the drum machine, changed the h2 surrounding display to a p, and I wrapped everything in a .
Regarding the volume control, I agree, I’m going to try and remedy that.

Thank you for your time !

Sorry, maybe “dumped” wasn’t the best word to use here. What would have been best is if you posted each one for critique at the time you actually finished them. But don’t worry about it. I was just trying to let you know why you might not get a lot of response.

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I understand what you mean, I’ll try to do that from now on.

I just added a volume control to the drum machine, you were right, it was missing all along !

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