Feedback requested on Random Quote Machine Project

Hey there fCC community, I just finished my fCC front-end libraries projects with all the user stories passing, and I would love to have your opinion on them!
I tried to really focus on the front-end libraries part, so there’s not a lot of CSS or HTML inside those projects. If there is any way they can be improved I’m open to suggestions.

Thank you very much for your time,
Have a nice day everyone

  • Tweet button doesn’t work.
  • If the new quote is the same as the current quote the user will have an impression that button didn’t work. You should save the current index and generate new randomIdx if it is the same.
  • It would be better to keep track of already shown quotes and don’t show them again unless all the quotes are already shown.
  • It’s 2022 (your copyright).
  • In 2022 I’d expect React with hooks :slight_smile:
  • You can use class fields and arrow function and get rid of constructor and binding.
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Thanks for your feedback.
I began using hooks after doing the markdown previewer project, although I learnt about them somewhere else since they’re not really mentioned anywhere on fCC :frowning:
regarding the copyright, I finished the project in 2021, does that count? or should I update it to 2022 anyway?
I just fixed the tweet button but twitter is blocking access to their website :frowning:
I will try to fix the randomIdx mess, thanks a lot !

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