Feedback requested: Sherlock Holmes Consulting - Product Landing Page


Any feedback on my product landing page is appreciated.

I noticed that the links to navigate to other parts of the page don’t work on mobile, either in Safari or Chrome, but a search tells me that this is an issue with CodePen. True, or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for looking!


The links do work in chrome and are not problems in codepen.
You did a great job with all of the shading. That is one thing I 99% of the time never do.
I don’t know how this is a product landing page, but yeah. Good job.

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I love the concept and your execution strikes me as well polished. Great job!

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@ConnerOw1115 @james922 Hey, thanks to you both for reviewing the page and giving me feedback. The links don’t seem to work in mobile browsers for me, unless it’s in Debug mode, and I was wondering if that was a CodePen issue.

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I say that you should make the list items 100% width in mobile view and move them down below the logo.
In mobile view it will be difficult to click on the tiny menu items.

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I second this, or switching to a hamburger navigation.

I love the concept!


Very original idea. And it looks great too!

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I’m a noob, but I think it looks great! Very nice job.

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