Feedback Requested - Simon Game

Also! One thing in particular that I’m still not satisifed with: When the same button/tone is played more than once in a row the sub subsequent pulse animation(s) do not always show. If anyone can tell me where I went on awry as to that it will be appreciated…as will all critiques in general. Thanks!

I think “play” is more of a “continue” function. i.e. if a sound is already playing and you play it, it won’t automatically start over. I vaguely recall pause’ing the audio and seek’ing to zero before playing in that case. I’d suggest trying the same for the animations, though I don’t think I had animations on my buttons.
p.s. I think pause and seek are the names for the sound function calls, but you can easily check on mdn - or whatever site you use for reference.

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