Feedback requested TRIBUTE PAGE Chester Bennington

This is my first attempt at tribute page.
will work on it to make it better
any feedback is appreciated.

Your image is not responsive. Do not fix the hight, it awkwardly squeezes the image for small width devices.
try adding this to your image class, then observe the difference. Your image will become responsive i-e will resize according to the screen width.

max-width: 100%;

hi Himanshunij!

It looks good for a first project!

I tried keeping margin: 10 instead of margin-top: 10 and it looks better, in my opinion.

The tests suggested that the images aren’t responsive. I look forward to any solutions to this by other campers.

thank you!

Everything is fine. But small changes lead to great attraction.
Try to apply some padding on both sides.
image is not responsive, so try to make image responsive.
I think it will be better, If you give different colors on different sections instead on using same color to whole page.
Thank you!