Feedback requested - Whitney Houston Tribute Page

So here is my tribute page. I like how it looks so far, but there are things that are off about it. I’m aware it doesn’t look good on mobile devices; mainly the images at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately, it seems if I copy and paste everything into another pen, or just copy/paste portions into another pen, the css from bootstrap is broken.(text won’t center and images won’t shrink down to fit col-md spacing) Regardless, I’ll be starting over again to see where I went wrong, but tips/advice is greatly appreciated. That being said, the first version had some really weird extra white space around the right and bottom of the page, but the code was pretty much the same. :confused:

Edit: I intentionally put the Google fonts link into the html portion on Codepen. I wanted to make it easier to copy and check on other websites.

Stylewise, it looks nice and is good and responsive, but I find the black text against a maroon background to be hard to read on my phone.

Regarding the pictures at the bottom, are they supposed to appear as just white bars until you hover over them?

Yes, I forgot that you wouldn’t be able to hover on mobile devices. So I have to add a click function for the images as well. Thank you for the feedback, I’ll work on some different color choices! :smile:

It looks fantastic! really like the colour schemes and how you put the picture and text beside each other. Although I didn’t know what the white bars were at first I hovered over them and the pictures dropped down which was pretty cool.

Good stuff :smile: