Feedback required for Calculator project

I have built a Calculator with React as per one of the project challenges mentioned in Front End Libraries Certification.

I have completed all the User Stories in the requirement and also added additional functionalities like support for keyboard input, backspace key, +/- key, etc.

Link: here

Can someone please review my code and provide a feedback about it ? Like ways to optimize, modularity improvement, coding standards, etc.

Nicely done~!

The additional keyboard support is a great touch. If you’d like a bonus challenge, I would suggest looking in to installing and importing the math.js library to replace your eval() call. :slight_smile:

Hey Nicholas,

Thanks for taking time and going over the project!

Actually regarding using library for eval() calls, I wanted to keep the project vanilla/ with least libraries as possible.

But I agree with you as it seems that for removing eval() calls, using library like math.js is bit necessary as I guess it will be bit complicated to perform string input calculations in this scenario with vanilla JavaScript.

Also, one query I have that is can we pass html entities to functions? For reference, in Button.js component, for multiply and divide (and all operator) buttons I have used html entities to display the respective symbols for them. But I also want those symbol on the calculator display (for multiply and divide). But I am not sure how to pass the html entities for those symbols through the function to Button component. So I have passed strings - *, / for multiply, divide respectively. Do you got any idea regarding this?