FEEDBACK required for my Portfolio website

I have created a portfolio website which is hosted on github pages, chech it out and let me know what you think about it
Reactorboy Portfolio


Looks good. I like your front page. Few suggestions.

  • Give different background to services section. It’s a different topic.
  • Social icons are too close to each other. Move them farther away from each other.
  • Change cursor to pointer when it hovers on your button.

Cheers :clap:

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thank you so much for you suggestion mate, will try to change see how it looks

That’s a good looking site. Great job!

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thank you so much it will be nice If I can get some advice too along the compliment

It be happy to. As someone who has hired devs.

I’d recommend that you put some personal information on the site about you. Who are you? What do you enjoy? What are you passionate?

The technology is easy in the sense that anyone can cut and copy scripts and code onto a site and make it look good. What that does not tell me is how you fit into a team of other technical and non-technical professionals.

In addition -

all of the projects showed as empty grey squares for me. Im using the most current version of Chrome and Canary. If these are meant to contain some brief summaries of the projects then good, if not, I’d add that. Tell a short story about your examples.


great design: but feeling something strange to see such an awesome design without background color .

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I can’t understand what you mean by tech is easy anyone can cut it paste what does not tell me ?..
And till now I have not added any projects because its made for freeCodeCamp Portfolio challenges, right now working on my npm module called Gulpers if you like you can check it out more on Gulp-Boilerplate

Soon going to change the background but personally I like the things make minimalist not to much things on the same container , easy to read and understand you know.

My feedback is meant to be constructive. So let me clarify. What I am saying is that you are building this portfolio as a reflection of you.

So as for the content / text - not the technical elements, it’s clear that you are working on those - try to talk about yourself a bit.


Just add a menu to jump to one of the four different sections.

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Uninstall your google chrome . then install again. :smile: if any technical assistance required , please free to ask

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I am learning node now. but yesterday when i saw your design , i thought of implementing same design with react . now I feel that I am not that much bad at react. i have almost done. i promise i wont steal your code. The main challenge i face to make portfolio is that i don’t have experience. I leaned coding through free code camp. I really don.t know what stuff i can write over there. once i complete that , i will send you the link. one thing I like to tell you that end user does not have any clue that they have to scroll down to see remaining thing like your project list and all. Yesterday when i saw that, i did not scroll down that. today i just looked that again, then I saw that project list and reaming thing what you put below

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Ok try to come up something that can describe myself more than my technical skills

why to use reinstall chrome :slight_smile:

Yeah I was also thinking that, will add up them soon

haha copy for sure, not my code though I have just tweaked the code, I am developer not designer so, not my thing and yeah going to add the menu soon

i was just joking bro .

You have forked my directory on github, what you are upto ??

5 stars, Simple and Catchy

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