FEEDBACK required for my Portfolio website

Amazing use skill and creativity…

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Honestly, doesn’t even look like a developer porfolio, looks more like a card, like birthday card.

It’s not responsive which is surprising to me, because the whole thing looks mobile.

I would suggest a do-over more web development focused.

Must feedback here is sugar-coating. Don’t get deceived by it, do research on other peoples porfolio, build one that will impress job recruiters, this one won’t.

Good luck.

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I am my dear member.Your saying right.

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Hi, i am a beginner and I think you’re Portfolio is very cool. Lot more better than anything I could create right now. Still, here is my user’s point of view :

  • add cursor: pointer when over a button (very important to me)

  • find a way to fill the space a bit more, i love minimalism but too much looks unfinished (Of course it is my SUBJECTIVE opinion)

  • add a min-width value because it looks weird on small windows (picture just below)

As I said it is already really good job to me, keep on the good work and i hope to do as well soon :slight_smile:

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thanks fro your honest feedback I appreciate it more.

feedback appreciated, working it on too add some menu and responsive + trying some more ways to show case my skills.

great work is it suppose to look like a book?

what you mean by that ??

Nice! I love the styles, the backgrounds, the animation, but you have no projects!!
maybe say you don’t have any yet, or post some of yours in the 8 tiles.
Amazing Job!
keep on coding!

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projects in progress, once completed I will add them. thanks btw

i dont know, what is it suppose to look like? is it a birthday card or a book you turning the pages in =)

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It’s awesome, how’d you animate the first section?