Feedback: RF Travel Favorite Caribbean Island Survey

Hi. I would love to get feedback about my Survey. Thanks. Trista

Will you add a link to your demo?

I can only see some code.

I was having problems with embedding. I just added a link. Trista

Cool concept! I would get labels for each checkbox and radio boxes so that when I click on corresponding texts, I can also select the boxes.

Consider increasing paddings for the question input box “How many Carribean Island have you traveled to prior this date?”. Looks like its option is cut off.


Thank you. When you say “get labels for each checkbox/radio boxes,” do you mean add labels above? I will definitely increase the padding.


You don’t have to add labels above. You can simply wrap your <strong> tags with label tags.

If you look at this example here.

Notice that when I click on texts, it will automatically select matching boxes.

Ok. I understand now. Thank you! That makes sense.

Hi, can you share a demo version? I think this is definitely a nice project, at least I can’t reach such a level yet (I dream to develop a good travel app one day, like Triposo or 12Hrs).