[Feedback] RWD - Tribute Page Project

I made a very simple tribute page for my cat for the Tribute Page Project. It passes all the tests, but I would appreciate any feedback on how to improve my design or code. Thanks in advance!

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The image is not showing up for me.

I believe I have fixed the image issue. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. It was previously not publicly hosted.

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Welcome to the forums @Bearington. Your page looks good.

When using header elements it’s a good practice to keep them in descending order. That is, do not go from h1 to h3 then to h2.

Note that imgur does not play well with codepen. Sometimes the image will not show. There are other free places to host your images.
I was able to see the image this time.

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Thank you for the feedback. I didn’t know that Codepen had problems with Imgur. I’ll try some other hosting sites in the future.

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