Feedback Survey Form - Umbrella Academy

Hello, this is my survey form. I will appreciate any kind of feedback. I did it as a “tribute” to Umbrella Academy :slight_smile:

survey form

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Hey I like the design! Looks great. Few suggestions I have.

  • Clicking around the umbrella logo leads me to down to the survey section which seems weird.
  • Which is your favorite character question takes in a number. I thought it was taking in some text.
  • On mobile views, vertical scroll bar is created.

Good luck :tada:

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I really like the design, especially the top section with the header and logo!

You could possibly experiment with having the inputs/buttons centered within each box. Reason being, all the extra blank yellow space is a little awkward. Particularly for the “recommendations” section.

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Hi thanks for the feedback, I’m going to make the improvements. I have a doubt about the scroll bar is supposed to not appear on mobile views ?

Great advice, thanks

Great interface… Keep it up

Hello, your “recommend” box spread on the “which side are you” box at a certain size on mozilla and chrome. (this also happen with your reveal button and the write recommendation box on your 4*2 layout but only on mozilla)


and when I hover your button I get the hand/finger pointer but it goes back to a triangle when I hover the “reveal” text.

Style wise I would make the button stand out more with either a different background colour or by resizing it to the content width and putting it in the center (or all of that together).

I would also center the content of the “write your recommendation” box.


You can ignore my comment about scrollbar. Looks like it’s not there anymore.