Feedback: Survey Form

Good evening everyone!

After spending more time than I care to admit, I finally finished my second project, the survey form! It turned out to be deceptively simple. Getting everything to line up just right, and be responsive at that, took me some time and even frustrated me from time to time. Especially a particular block element that was messing up my grid layout and I just couldn’t figure out why…

After reviewing the provided example, I realized that I was (probably?) using an overcomplicated method, combining flex and grid. It worked out in the end though. Please take a at the end result.

If you have some time, I would love some feedback on the following:

  • The visual end result
  • My adherence to best standards (both for CSS/HTML and general coding). In particular, any superflous or overcomplicated code that stands out to you
  • Any use of techniques that seems to be inefficient and could/should be replaced with other techniques

Thanks in advance!


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