Feedback take a look CSS project I came up with while site was down to help CSS anim I just learned stick

Since the site was down for a bit I came up with a project to work on involving CSS Anim. Trying to let all the new CSS animation I learned stick through the wonderful new FCC lessons and get more focused on visual design aspects as lately I have been focused on JS, AJAX and all other sorts of stuff under the hood.

Beginnings of a solar system in pure CSS for practice

This is a good time to refactor old projects and experiment with new knowledge no reason to stop learning just because the site was down for a bit of maintenance hehe

Can’t express how much I love all the new content!

This is really great! very good.

The only issue is about the sizing and more realistic physics which is not really critical for testing/learning (but if I want to be honest, I like big moon too much :smiley: ).

If you could work more to sync the animation start/end. It has two lags in animation(sorry hard to explain, but I know you already know what I am talking about)

Very good! Keep going on great work, happy programming.

I fixed it then I broke it again I think fcc back up now

Yeah want to change some of the shadowing I spent an hour messing with trying to put a div over. Top of moon earth until realizing putting moon div works fine on side of earth…

Also want to put some Bezier curves in.
This is all 2d and gradient animations no 3d physics or triangles to calculate create illusion of distance by shrinking shading and enlarging