Feedback Techinical Documentation Page

Hi Coders,

I am making the Techinical Documentation Page Project. I am almost there, but I got 13/16.
Can you guys give me some feedback on the design and, ’ What I did wrong?


Hello Mr.P.

The tests have very detailed errors, if you click on the results section. They tell you almost exactly what it is finding wrong.

As a start, you should not have spaced in your href values. The tests expect you to have an href value corresponding to the text within your nav-link li elements, except anywhere there is a space, you need to replace the space with an underscore.

Hope this helps.

Hi guys,

I still have 2 mistakes 14/16. I can not see it. Is there someone, who could tell me more precise, what I did wrong in my coding?



I have 15/16. What is the last one?

Found it! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh