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Hi all,

Had lots of fun on this one! I have played around a lot but this was one of my first full “projects.” Got to combine my long-time hobby of learning Russian with my new hobby of web design.

Codepen link:

Some of the tests don’t quite pass because I used a slightly different approach to the headers - namely, each of the main-sections is wrapped in a <details> tag and the <header> elements are inside <summary> tags. I used a bit of JavaScript to handle the opening/closing details elements.

The nav bar doesn’t look great on mobile but maybe I will go back and fix it eventually.

Finally, I’m aware that the <code> tags are semantically incorrect as I’ve used them - if I were to do this over again right now I would use styled <span> elements with styled lang=ru or lang=en attributes which presumably would also help with screen reader accessibility.

Right, but part of the assignment was to meet the user stories. That is a really important part of being a developer is meeting user stories, whether you like them or not.

Hi, great point, thanks. I have forked my original and linked to an all-tests-passing version in the OP

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