Feedback to frontend of Anonymous Message Board

Hi, I’m currently working on Anonymous Message Board and created a HTML-dummy for the frontend:
Please give me feedback to that “layout”.

Hi there,

great work so far.

Some ideas:

  • visual hierarchy is very important: all of your sections and buttons look very similar, I don’t know which are the important ones
  • the box to create a thread looks very similar to the boxes to create a reply, but it has a completely different function
  • Why is the top reply bold? Is this the newest reply? Or did the author make it bold?
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Button importance:

  • add thread/ add reply (most important)
  • show all…
  • report / delete (not so important, can be smaller or text-links)

Box style for threads/ replies:

  • here I am not sure: I used different colors, but maybe it’s not enough

Top reply = bold:

  • I was trapped in “programmers view”: the first entry (opens the thread) is handled different in storage, but for the user it makes no sense to mark the first entry bold, so I’ll remove that

Thanks for the reply!