Feedback: Tribute Page (non-designer)

I’ve always ached about my lack of design skills but I’m hoping over time to have acceptable front-end design skills to at least complement where I plan to ramp up my backend capabilities. With that said, this isn’t much so please let me know what you think.

Tribute to Katherine Johnson

I just realised others were similarly inspired by Mrs Johnson.

Edited: For some reason, I initially assumed we didn’t have to use Codepen.


Hi @dalevross! I think you have done a very good job on your project, congratulations!:clap::clap:

At the design level I like the colors and the font you have chosen, I think they adapt very well to the life story of Mrs. Johnson.:+1:
On the other hand I think it would be worth trying with a flat icon of the rocket, with only one color. I think it could fit better with the other design elements, but that’s just a personal opinion.

Regarding the HTML code, you have an error nesting an ul element inside another ul element (attached image of the Codepen inspector):

Also due to this nesting, on a mobile device the left margin of the list looks excessive.

Cheers and happy coding!

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Thanks, @MartaFagundez!
I don’t know how I missed the inner ul!
The rocket was the default Unicode character. I assume I’d have to source a flat icon and manually adjust the colours?