Feedback: Tribute page to Charlie Chaplin

Hi, I just wanted to post the link for my tribute page. I am looking for any feedback. I believe I have touched base on all of the requirements. I am really new to this type of work, if this needs to go elsewhere please let me know.

Tribute page

Thank you,


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I don’t really know enough to offer any sort of meaningful feedback, but I think it looks great. The color scheme and font choices are easy on the eyes, and I like the layout.

That’s great to hear, thank you very much!

I’ve visited your page on my phone browser and this part made me frustrated. You should fix it.

Fantastic! Just that short gif was a laugh, and that sums up why I love Chaplin so. :thumbsup: Aside from the already mentioned issues with responsiveness, the only problem I see is in your code, in particular the inline styles on line 5. You should almost never put your style declarations in the HTML tags, the only exceptions pertaining to some advanced JavaScript libraries. Otherwise, great effort, and I hope to see more soon!