Feedback: Tribute to Coffee

Hi Guys

Based on some further experimentation beyond the first 100 or so challenges, as well as including concepts that I’ve learnt from them so far, I’ve created my first tribute page.

Any feedback would be great!



As a coffee lover I like it a lot, especially the background, The only thing that looks weird to me is the titles appear to be pretty close to the images so maybe more padding on the bottom? Also I prefer french press over those methods whats your favorite way to make it?

Thanks for the feedback furofo, spacing it out does help make it a bit easier on the eyes. I usually enjoy a pour over :slight_smile:

Nice work. Congratulations on finishing the challenge!

I focus on making my pages mobile-friendly so I always check how they scale as the screen size gets smaller.

One improvement I can suggest is to make the images in the “Usual Suspects” section stack above or below the accompanying text when the screen size gets below a certain resolution.

When the images simply scale and stay right next to the text they get kind of small and everything gets crammed on mobile.

Keep up the good work!

Try to get the code of running the for making the automate coffee with pythod and AI language.