Feedback: TributePage (Project1)


can anybody give some feedback on my Tribute Page?


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I did mine yesterday and looking at yours I really like the style that you put but I guess that’s just me. Now I’m a beginner but I can maybe tell you one thing : good job on being original and not doing a page TOO similar to the exemple like me lol.

Thank you for the positive feedback Tech. I already have a degree in business informatics and did some web design (html, css, js) but it was never my speciality :wink:


I would personally stay away from serif fonts as a designer. Good job, though.

Thank you b3u! I will keep that in mind.

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Well :slight_smile: speaking about font-families… do you have a list of fonts that are cool to use for my websites that ALL COMPUTERS will have by default :)? I found one that I like already but meh the more the better!

Most people use google fonts. You can link to practically any font you like, and your code will pull the font from the internet. Otherwise, just google computer safe fonts. I know Georgia is good, but I just use google fonts.