Feedback wanted for my tribute page :)

Here is my tribute page.

Since I have very little experience with coding, I tried to make it as simple as possible. Any feedback or advice is highly appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks in advance! Juja

Hi @Juja90! Thanks for sharing! The layout is clear and simple—love it!

Some comments on the code:

1: You are using <br> to space out the lyric quote at the top of the page. There’s a better way to do that, using the line-height property in CSS (trying setting it to 200%). Similarly, instead of using double <br> to create spaces between paragraphs of text, wrap the paragraphs in <p> tags and using margin-top and/or margin-bottom on those tags to achieve the same effect.

2: You’re using inline style attributes. These should really be in the CSS section of Code Pen.

3: On desktop, the lines of text are quite long, making it more difficult to read. A few ways to fix this: break the text into columns, make the font larger, or using max-width CSS property to make the page narrower.

Good luck!

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Thank you very much for your comments, they are quite helpful. :slight_smile:

Not bad. I to have been learning Web Development for a couple of years. See my codepen at Lifehouse. CSS is very important to making your projects stand out. I found this site very helpful Learn HTML. Also you use the class .container in your HTML but never reference it in any of your CSS rulesets. This an invitation to hard to detect bugs down the road and makes for unnecessarily complex code… If you’re interested google HTML/CSS linters. These programs inspect your code and look for syntax errors and other things like selectors that are not referenced anywhere.

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