Feedback wanted for Tribute Page and Portfolio Page

Hi everyone,

Here is my Tribute Page. I’ve been meaning to get some reviews, and now I’m finally doing it;) Any feedback, good and bad is appreciated. If you have the time, please go to my Portfolio Page as well. I will most likely be updating or doing a new portfolio page as I go along.

Tribute Page:
Portfolio Page:

Thank you!!!

I like where you are going with this page, but the background is a bit distracting. You might try getting rid of the background-repeat: repeat; element in the body field of the CSS, and replacing it with background-size:100%;

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both look good, but I find the text on the tribute page hard to read. Might be the text needs a bit more contrast with the background, or maybe I’m just old and no longer have 20/20 vision!

I like it with 100% a lot better!! I think I had tried doing something like that before, but the way I was doing it didn’t work. Thanks for the feedback!

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Haha, I doubt that, I don’t really like it either, but I didn’t want just black ordinary text, so I played with a deep purple and dark brown. I’ll keep looking, or maybe I’ll put some opacity on the background! Thanks, I appreciate it!!

If you want a really great resource for finding nice color palettes that mesh well together, this site: works pretty well. I found it incredibly useful as someone who has limited color ability.


WOW, this is amazing!! I never saw so many choices and ways to coordinate colors. Thank you once again!!

defiantly better than i thought it would be

maybe tighten up the paragraph width (i don’t think i should tell you how right) so that users eyes don’t have to scan so far from left to right

i like the background actually even though it makes the text more ambiguous

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Never thought about the paragraph width, good idea. Thanks for your time!

Here’s some feedback from me :slight_smile:

Tribute page:
You might wanna tighten the width of the page, it’s really hard to read as it is now.
Here’s a post about balancing line length/font size in responsive web design. So usually you want to aim between 45-75 characters per line, more then that causes fatigue.

Also adding some padding or margins between the elements (title, subtitle, image, text paragraph, footer) would help to improve the site visually and easier to read. Another suggestion is to try and play with font sizes on some elements, for an example try to set a bigger font for the quote “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”.

The footer is also very hard to read, you might wanna think of a solution for that also.

Portfolio page:
The text is a bit hard to read on the current background,
Also again maybe you could try to play with the padding/margins here. So when you click “About” in the sidebar that it displays only the “About” part, without the portfolio.

But overall I think that the technical parts of your websites are very good, you might wanna just improve the visuals a bit :slight_smile:

Sorry, evidently I never got this sent…:confused:Ok, I like all your suggestions. i had tried to make the quote (It was the best of times…) bigger, but it’s in a different script, and when I do make it bigger, the line height (gap between text and text beneath that) is quite big compared to the rest of the paragraph. I’ll work on the spacing with everything else, I don’t like seeing my portfolio with the “about”, but when you do but spacing between it, I didn’t like the look when you scroll. But it’s probably better with the space. Thank you so much! I appreciate your time

Hi all,

Finally got the Portfolio Page done (to the best of my ability). All feedback welcomed! :slight_smile:

Link here:

I’m an absolute coding newbie. Have never written or seen a line of code in my life before joining FCC. No special computer knowledge apart from being your average computer “user” … if you know what I mean.

Pls pardon me if you find my code-writing not “responsive”, clumsy, all over the place or just plain bad. I could keep working on the page for weeks and months, but I decided that I just had to brave myself and let it go (for now). I know I would come back to it when I become more fluent in coding.

Thanks again my fellow campers! :grinning:



I’m not sure if you’re still working on this but I was looking at some other community members’ portfolio pages and like what you’ve done with yours. One thing I noticed is that the “flourish” images don’t play nicely when resizing the screen. I think it’s because you have the CSS for them set to the large widths that look great on a big screen but don’t allow them to scale down on smaller screens.

Hi there, sorry, I haven’t been on here in awhile. Ughh, yes, I haven’t bothered too much with any of that, mostly cause I don’t know how and it looks complicated…do you know how I would go about making them responsive to all screen sizes?

how does one work this?