Feedback wanted on portfolio page, please

Here’s my link

Are the colors too garish?
I tried it on my phone and resizing my desktop. Looking for any issues I missed.

Thanks in advance!

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Good job! I see no problems with your colors. I would

on mobile, try fitting the all the menu items in one line.
Give some space between freecodecamp icon and its words.
Try giving some paddings and increase fontsize of “These are some of my projects”.

Cheers :clap:

Thanks for the feedback. I made all those fixes and it does look better. :smiley:

The instructional designs Sample button… Black font does not look good on dark purple… white would be better (or a light purple lol).

Thanks so much. I was in the middle of working on it and stopped for dinner with it still black. :smiley: I’ve fixed it now and actually linked it to something. I appreciate the feedback. I hope the white color looks better.

LOL I do that sometimes… stop in the middle for whatever reason.

Looks great!
Though when I scrolled down to the Talks section the 3 cards went OVER the nav bar rather than under…:thinking: