Feedback wanted on Tech Doc!

I had many advises and tried hard not to see example code. I think I’ve done quite good job but in mobile width (under 650px;), menu buttons are not center-aligned. Any idea how to fix that?


@lewislee-khu, it’s too simplistic using lorem ipsum and it would look better if you choose a different font.

There are some issues;

  • your page passes 11/16 user stories. You may want to revisit that
  • you have in-line style in HTML. Do your styling in CSS
  • try to not use the <br> element. Use padding or margin in CSS instead
  • at around a medium size screen (~ 768px) some of the content gets covered and there is no horizontal scroll bar so users with that size screen are missing info
  • on small screens think about fixing the navbar to the top so that when a user clicks on one of the sections the navbar doesn’t scroll away

As an aside, codepen just needs you to put in the code that you’d put between the <body> </body> tags. If you need to add to the <head> click on the Settings button.

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I think it’s not bad for a technical documentation to use Lorem Ipsum, but make sure you come back when you learn more and write a real doc, it will improve your skills! Also, I think the nav should follow the screen in mobiles.

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what language is lorem ipsum in???
the tech doc page is really nice!!

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it’s so impressive :clap:

  • just change the lorem ipsum text
  • and it’s a little bit short just try to add additional text
    I love it keep going :slight_smile:
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