[Feedback] Weather App

Hey fellow campers,
Can I get some constructive feedback on my weather app?

Thanks in advance!

I thought it was really good.

I haven’t reached this point yet on freeCodeCamp so I’m not familiar with the project.

I would suggest that you only show temperatures to 1dp or even 0dp. I don’t know the project requirements, however.

When I opened your weather app in CodePen, there was a red exclamation in the HTML. Somehow CodePen does not want you to have a <!doctype> tag. I’d remove that if you’re doing any changes to your work.

Otherwise great. I liked the way the background images reflected the weather.

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Hey petersim,
I’ll change the temperatures to 1dp. Also, I’ll remove the <!doctype> tag I reckon it’s not required but since I coded this on a text editor, I simply copy-pasted to codepen and forgot.
Thanks for your feedback I really appreciate it!

Brrrr. Can confirm negative temperatures work well! Overall, congrats on finishing and good job! I try to be honest with people instead of just encouraging, so here are some suggestions you can think about.

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City search is cool feature but has problems. The textbox and button are unstyled. When I hit search, the app does not let me know that it is receiving new data. I hit the search button like 5 times before I realized that it had updated. Maybe provide a loading overlay or something to let the user know that the app got the request and is working.

Your functions are poorly named. Location() doesn’t get the location but the weather. Current() doesn’t give any indication of what it does. Functions should use a verb that indicates the action they are doing. updateLocation() and getWeather() would be much better.

Bonus suggestions: If you are interested in learning a lot more and putting some extra touches on project, here are some ideas and links you can follow up if you desire.

Use template literals to greatly reduce complexity of your strings.

Learn more about asynchronous JavaScript, and use promises for getting the weather data.

Use fetch with async/await: https://dev.to/johnpaulada/synchronous-fetch-with-asyncawait

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