Feedback welcome on Tribute Page. Issue with a border - Marie Curie inside

Hi everyone ! I’m new here and new to coding.

I’ve made my page Tribute Page on Marie Curie, and will be very happy to have any feedback.

I have an issue with the right border, I’ve some white and I don’t know why.

I also had some issues during the process to understand how everything works together, it was the first time I built something from scratch.
I fixed issues but it may be a bit messy inside.
My links are buttons, I don’t know if this is very conventional.

Any idea to make it better is welcome as this will be helpful for my learning process.

Thanks for your time.

hi you don’t need to put your links inside buttons and if you want the buttons styling just use the classes like this

<a class="btn  btn-link btn-lg btn-block" href="" target="_blank">Read More on Wikipedia</a></div> 
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and by the way good job:grin:

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Thanks - fixed!

Any idea about the white border on the right?