[Feedback] Would love some feedback on my tic-tac-toe game

I’m looking for some feedback on this tic tac toe game I made for this challenge.

A few things I would like input on specifically;
How this looks/works on mobile.
I added a feature so you can play with someone else, but I feel that wasn’t clear enough, now I added that “Hotseat”.
I left the game beatable, but I thought the challenge said to make it unbeatable at one point. I looked back and that’s not whats on the challenge. Did that change?

Thanks in advance for the feedback everyone.
https://jacebenson.com/projects/tictactoe/custom.js (since it’s not on codepen) this is where all the processing works.

Nice! I really liked the varied tokens - it was a nice surprise.

Hi, the unbeatable part is in the video as a bonus user story.
In chrome with:emmet-review you can have an idea of how it looks and works on any screen.
Your app is nice and meets all the requirements, good job.