Feedbacks, for my first project

good morning, this and my first project, do you think I can improve?
I appreciate feedbacks.

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Good morning @ederpagliotto

add this to the HTML

<script src="">

It should be at line 1 in the html code.

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You have already done some good things in your project but If you want to make it clean then use these property in your tribute-info selector -

 padding: 1rem;
  text-align: justify;
 width: 80%;
  margin: auto;

Good job with the website! It is nicely responsive.

One thing to bear in mind is that it’s not recommended to use links where the text is “Click Here” for accessibility reasons. Instead, you could have something more relevant to the content, like “Learn more about Elon Musk”, as the link text.

Another thing, although this is just an aesthetics choice: the text in the website reaches very close to the edge of its black-bordered container, and to the edge of the screen. It might be easier to read if you add some padding to that container, and maybe give it a max-width of something like 500px (and margin: auto to center), so on wide screens you don’t have to read super wide lines.

Finally, black-on-gray can be a little harder to read. Usually I tend to keep dark-on-light backgrounds no darker than #ddd (yours is #c0c0c0) . That’s entirely personal preference, though!


thank you all… I’m very happy with these feedbacks!

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