Feedbacks for my promodoro clock please

i just finished my promodoro clock, see it also in phone please check

Hello there,

A couple of matters. Your h1 tag at the top has no margin atop it, so it looks awkward straddling the top so closely. Your reset button only works if you pause it first, you may wish to fix that. Also, why does the timer reset to 25/5? Just a matter of opinion, but would it make sense to reset to the last set timer? The outline around the play/pause button works well around the play button, but the pause button is off-center. Further, the digital timer is off-center between the two analog clocks.

Also, why did you choose two clocks? From a UX perspective, it seems like each clock would function differently and autonomously, but they effective simply mirror each other. Was there a reason to have two instead of one?

But aside from those very small issues, it functions exactly as it ought. Great job!

Thanks benjamin , for h1 i will fix it , for the reset button i made it itentionaly works when the pause is active first for the clocks is there any suggestion