Feedbacks for my Weather Page

As a FCC project, this Local weather page was made by me, Please leave your valuable feedbacks/suggestions/comments on it.
Please rate the following sections:(best: 5, worst: 0):
Your experience;
Mentions the Bugs if you find any. Thanks.
Link:::<a href=“”“target=”_blank">Local Weather Page

The Scroll bar (vertical) appears. I don’t know if you planned to do it but I think it should be better if its only a single page web app i.e the scroll bar should not appear.
BTW the design is very nice and information is accurate.
Nice Work :thumbsup:

I really like the design, specifically the gradient and the way you display the information. I did notice, however, that the temperatures in both celsius and fahrenheit were off when compared to my own weather app, my phone, and google. Not sure why that is, as everything else seems fine.
Great job :relaxed:

The design looks great, the button to switch between units is awesome but when I click it the units don’t change for me. A few other things: it’s pretty weird to display the IP address and you probably don’t want to do that. My visibility says undefined meters and it also does not display the city I am nearest to which makes me question if this is actually the weather for my area. Looking at your code I noticed you use a lot of global variables. If you can, it’s generally a good practice to avoid this in future projects unless absolutely necessary because they can create issues within your code. Keep up the good work!

Yeah there are issues with the api, its not providing accurate information(as its free) and i can’t afford to get a premium api just for a fcc project. Also the button works only for some internet providers(unable to figure it out), works for me with dongle, but doesn’t work when i’m on wifi.
Thanks for your suggestions, will take care of the IP address, and global variables.