FeedbaclGithub Kan Ban to keep my education organized and focused

I’m still populating it with more issues which will of course be on going. I found my education is starting to spagehetti a little.

Since the journey to a freeCodeCamp full-stack dev cert is getting to a point where I’m needing more and more supplemental material and simply to remain organized and focused I made an education kanban on github. I’m starting to populate to goals and concepts don’t fall by the wayside into undisciplined web surfing, forgetfullness and incomplete projects.

David/Microbay Education kanban organizer


I use Trello myself. Nice work. Learning C++ and Java first was (IMHO) a great idea.


I used trello in the past but I thought it might help getting use to github platform. Also going to link code and project files eventually… When I started using it I made a new repo for every algo challenge lol didn’t know about gist or all the other features.

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Yeah, I veered waaaay off the FCC curriculum myself in a breadth-first-search that began because I just wanted to document my code. Learned about git, and thought about github, but I’m happy with figuring out VScode and local/private remote repositories for now.

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