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Tribute Project

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Excellent! Love the clean layout, it’s very modern looking with just the use of white.

If I might make a few suggestions, I would bold up your main content text. While I really like the font you used, the thinness of it against the white (even though your text is black) makes it a little hard on the eyes. It’s totally readable, but adding a little weight to it will bump up the contrast. Try it out and see if you like it.

I also noticed you’re using horizontal rules between your sections, but there’s a little typo. Instead of </hr> it should be <hr/>. That being said, I like the look of them on the page as well, they’re a nice subtle break between the sections.

The other thing is more of a layout issue, but on smaller screens, the Tesla image isn’t shrinking down so it’s extending beyond the browser window causing a horizontal scroll bar.

Again you did a fantastic job on this tribute page, you have a good eye for white space. Nothing feels too cramped or overworked. :+1:

Nice job! Watch out for the image to be responsive! I almost missed Tesla’s face on my phone :slight_smile: