Feel free to roast me :)

hi everyone!
long story short, i´m Alan from Argentina, a few months ago, by accident i get with a video of 11hours about html and css in youtube and was then when i learn about freecodecamp.
Today i finished the challenges of the section “responsive web design” and this is the last project https://codepen.io/alandittler/full/BajePdb
please,feel free to judge me if i have some error’s or if i did something wrong , is going to be welcom! specially because i’m absolute beginner in this and is always welcomed the opinion of other people!

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Look so good!!!
The ui is very clean but the top left of the header look very empty.
The description should start with a capital letter(A)

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thank you! yeah, i think the same, it looks like a little empty, but i’m looking forward to add more stuff.

Hey Alan.

great work so far!

My ideas:

  • I’m having a hard time reading the text of the “My Skills” section; I think this is caused by the combination of the big line length, the small line height and the high font weight.

Keep us posted!

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Yeah, your ideas can work, also make me think about using a different form in that section! Thank you for your advice!

It looks good, and no one has roasted you, lol!

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@dittler.a, why your contact options “jumping away” from my mouse. Do you want me to contact with you? ))

hi, you refer to the bottom links? or the navbar on the top?
i you are talking about the bottom ones,i only followed the challenge steps. tbh i don’t like it so much hahaha