Feel like I'm going too slow?

Hi all,
I just feel worried that I’m going to slow ? It took me nearly 3 months just to complete the first certificate program. Now 2 weeks into the next and I’m still only in the second section.
Granted, I’m reading books and reading online as well, but I can’t help but feel I’m much slower than others. True or not ? Oh & I’m not even working atm, so how’s that for slow.

I’d like to hear other’s input.
Thanks :slight_smile:

This isn’t a sprint. It isn’t even a marathon. It’s more like running every day for your health. If you are working at a steady and sustainable pace, don’t worry about how much distance you’ve covered so far. This is hard. Keep working on it. You’d be surprised how much you actually have learned already.

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It is better to be the turtle. Than the rabbit :rabbit2:. Continue to study at your own pace not just to finish the race (goal). Coding is a continue learning curve learn what you can- stick with the basics rule of coding and you can’t go wrong.

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Thanks for the replies, it’s probably true yes, the turtle wins the race in the end because he didn’t rush :slight_smile:

I’ve been on FCC since 2017 and I’ve earned only 2 certs as I had IRL stuff that took a lot of my time, but now I’m not as tight on time as I used to be, but I wish I made just a little bit of time every night before sleep to even answer at least 1 question a day, it’s better to do it and achieve your goal even at a slow pace than not to :slightly_smiling_face: