Feel too bored to review concepts or old code

I have spent a lot of time creating notes using notion but sadly I really feel too lazy or bored to go over them. I set the task of revising in my todo app but rarely I get the urge or motivation to revise old concepts

This is the same for the vast majority of people. Just making the notes is often enough, but you need to be actually applying the knowledge to make it stick. You can keep going over and over old stuff but yes, it’s really boring, and there’s a limit to how useful it is anyway; once you’ve absorbed some concepts you need to use them, and learn new concepts that build on them


Hey there,

I think there is no need to explicitly rote review stuff.
It’s boring and there is not much connection to already learned stuff.
There’s also the big disadvantage that you don’t know what is actually important.

That’s why I started to build projects.
You will see recurring problems, so you automatically will see what you have to revise.