Feeling a bit indecisive

I’m not even sure if this is the correct board to post this in… Does anyone else struggle with seeing a page through to the end? I find myself designing a page and when i get it exactly as I wanted it I decide then it isn’t good enough and redo it. I’m not sure if it’s because I see so many pages of so many talented developers and when I’m looking those maybe mine feels subpar in comparison. I just wanted to know if anyone is going through or has gone through this. Any advice is appreciated!


This is a place for us to learn! I don’t think anyone is expecting perfection out of a page. Also, while I myself am returning to coding after a long absence, to the point that I might even describe myself as “new” to it, I can say as someone who’s done a lot of writing and design in other contexts: everyone feels like the blank page is terrifying.

All of this is just to say - you can do it, friend! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey there,

totally understand your feelings!

I think in our well-connected world, where the top performers are only one click away, I think it’s a good mental skill to only compare your work with your past work.

I see no sense in comparing your stuff with other peoples’ stuff, because you don’t know much about their life, their skills and their hurdles.

So let me ask you this question:
When you have a look at other peoples’ work, does this lead to some benefits in your life?

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Hi @miku86! You make very good points about comparing my stuff with other peoples’ stuff. I probably would benefit more mentally by not doing any comparisons. One thing I know about myself is I’m never really satisfied. Especially when it comes to my personal page. Looking at other peoples’ work likely doesn’t help that.

But there actually has been times where I actually did benefit from viewing others work. For example, most recently I saw a page that had this awesome animated interactive background and I knew i would love a background with similar features. So I found the js library that was used, customized it to my liking and implemented it on my site. The one on my page looks absolutely nothing like the one on the other page the only thing similar is animation and interactivity.

In the process I learned a little about .json and of course how to implement the code from the library on github to my site.

Thank you for the kind words @EllieLockhart!

Hey there,

good point!

I think there’s a difference between:

  • #1: “Oh, this person is doing better than me, I’m a bad developer.” and
  • #2: “Oh, this person did some great stuff, let’s have a look at their stuff and learn something from it.”

I think one should decrease the amount of #1 and increase the amount of #2.
I think evaluating my “developer value” based on other peoples’ skills is pretty senseless.

Your absolutely right. I will focus less on #1 and more on #2. At least try really hard to.