Feeling demotivated :(

I completed all challenges till all CSS projects , I made few projects , copied some website but I still don’t feel confident in CSS :frowning:. It’s almost 6 month since I completed those projects . I don’t know what to do now . Is it time to quit?
Please show me the path :frowning:

Hi Shubham. First all of never give up. web development is not easy, it needs time and patience, you have to love coding… enjoy this path…
You can’t learn CSS (and any language) just with reading, even if you read 10000 pages of tutorials/books, you are practically unskillful! can you learn cooking just with reading?! :slight_smile:
Free Code Camp has many videos on youtube, follow them and write their code at the same time. search html/css project-based tutorials on youtube.
Define projects for yourself… do this 10 times, 1000 times… fail fail and fail again.
Don’t learn another language until you not learned css.
CSS is simple and complicate at the same time. try again…
Good luck.


Hi Shubham, practice practice and practice!, Hard work and perseverance is key to any goal.


It is 100% okay to not feel confident in it as long as you keep going. No one says you have to master a topic especially one as broad as CSS.

CSS is only one piece of web development. You probably know a lot more about it after six months than you think. Why don’t you branch out and learn some JS? Or some CSS libraries?

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