Feeling downcast

what should I do when : I feel downcast / or thinking coding is not for me / or feeling like losing interest in coding .
Should I take a break or something ?

if it’s too much at the moment take a break

but remember that when you find it difficult and don’t stop, it’s when you improve, it’s normal to feel it’s hard - that the sign you have found something you don’t know and that you can improve


This is SO true! @ilenia

Hey @ameenarab5, I am 3 months in to my coding journey and what you are feeling is totally normal.

When I first starting taking Harvard’s intro to computer science on edx, I struggled ALOT trying to figure out the problem sets. I even took a break for about a week after problem set 4. But the struggle taught me to persevere and find better ways to solve the problems. I started researching more, asking questions and even buying a book on c programming.

Once I made those changes to my approach in problem solving the homework became more manageable to solve. And compared to C, javascript seems a lot more doable. :laughing:

My advice is to to take short breaks when you are learning throughout the day. Don’t study for 5 straight hours or feel like you have to figure everything out the first time. Take your time and things will start to click with enough practice.

Hope that helps!


I think this is not connected to coding,
it’s connected to life in general.

If you think about it, we see life in relation to the stuff around us.
If we think big enough, everything can feel too big.

So things are not too big absolutely, just relatively to our current state.
Improving will never become easy. Also as a world class performer the next improvement will be hard. Probably even way harder, because sometimes they don’t know if it is even doable.

So enjoy being a beginner, because you know that you can improve, million of people already did it.