Feeling kinda fake

I’m currently working on my 3rd project (product landing page) and I feel kind of fake. My projects look good and clean, but if you asked me to explain the code or how I created certain parts I wouldn’t be able to do so. I’m relying so much on searching stuff up to the point where I have such a great looking landing page which uses flexbox, but I can’t even center smaller text under bigger text in a box without asking for help or searching it up. I know that programmers search up stuff a lot, but I feel like they can still explain their code or recreate it without searching stuff up. I really want to keep learning and I really want to understand what’s happening, but it’s hard to do that when I’m spoon-fed answers instead of understanding what to actually do.

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Making a project is actually one of the best ways to learn, you are a beginner and it is okay to search for answers.

Just try to write a clear code and place elements with spaces in your code to see which contains which and try to see how adding a feature to that element effects it and elements it contains.

I suggest using borders to see actual size of the elements and how their movement is when you make a change.


Feel free to come here to talk through results you’ve found by searching, so that you feel like you _do_understand it and can explain it to someone else.

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You just described me at that point in the curriculum. A little over a year and a half later, I was a professional software developer. #ymmv

I say, just keep moving forward, there’s no shame in googling (or rather, it is an essential tool), and sometimes we just have to accept it and let the understanding come later. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Keep asking yourself those questions and trying to understand, but don’t worry so much.


Hey there,

There are definitely some great answers here, and I’ll throw in my two cents as well.

Don’t stress about having to search for things. I usually end up on Google daily for some sort of programming information - sometimes it’s to learn something new, sometimes it’s to make sure that my current understanding is correct (refreshing your memory is a common need).

One of the things that really accelerated my learning and understanding of the core fundamental concepts was contributing to other people’s open-source projects. It’s something I highly recommend as you become more comfortable with programming in general - because having to work with others and explain your code choices will force you to think more in-depth about why your code works, instead of “Cool it works”.

Finally, it’s completely fine to not know something - I can guarantee that no one knows everything about programming. You’ll always be learning, and there will always be some new shiny tech to explore. Keep pushing for better understanding of your current learning, but don’t get stuck trying to know it “perfectly”. :slightly_smiling_face: